Guidelines and templates for Policy Briefs

EVIPNet Tools for Developing Evidence-informed Policy Options

The EVIPNet Resource group and its social network is constantly developing tools to facilitate knowledge translation into effective policy options. Each policy brief starts with a Terms of Reference (ToR) . A Policy Brief Checklist helps both developers and reviewers to follow up progress in the development of the policy brief and the ensuing Deliberative Dialogue .
Tools developed by other networks will be reviewed to identify and evaluate best practices, particularly in innovative ways to harness tacit knowledge to enrich the policy briefs and on how to better include the participation of civil society representatives in the formulation of policy options.

Please find bellow a template for a generic policy brief, prepared by John Lavisand adapted to each EVIPNet Policy Briefsworkshops.

Term of reference for policy brief on malaria topic [pdf 51kb]

Please send your comments about these tools to . EVIPNet is a continuous learning process, as we help construct knowledge on the research, development and innovation process of producing an evidence-informed policy brief.

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