Learning tools

Learning tools

The EVIPNet Portal promotes a learning environment in which users can enhance their knowledge translation capacity and skills. With the objective of empowering the EVIPNet country teams and other users to produce high quality research syntheses and policy briefs in a sustainable manner, the EVIPNet Resource Group has organized a Policy Brief workshop with two basic guiding principles:

- learn by doing
- learning together for better working together (explain that both res and pm, need to continue to work)
Online tutorial: In the next 12 months we hope to develop multilingual, online tutorials designed for the joint use of groups of researchers and policymakers with the follow up of facilitators.

Knowledge translation Tool Kit:

This KT tool kit was prepared in 2008 by Research Matters

Scientific and technical literature about Knowledge Translation

Following is a list of technical and scientific references that are useful to understand knowledge translation concepts, tools and methodologies

Introduction to Evidence-Informed Decision Making by CIHR - Apr 2009

EASYPol On-line resource materials for policy making

Evidence Based Public Health Tutorial

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