Research synthesis



Research synthesis is a research process to support policy decisions.
Research syntheses are systematic and transparent summaries of the best available evidence relevant to a specific policy decision.
EVIPNet uses the term “research synthesis” to emphasize our focus on systematically summarising research evidence relevant to priority health policy decisions in Low and Middle Income Countries. They should be done as well as possible given resource and time constraints and include contextual factors.
EVIPNet will promote the preparation of research syntheses that are relevant to priority policy questions in Low and Middle Income Countries, reliable, accessible to decision makers, and timely. These research synthesis are a basis for elaborating evidence-informed
policy briefs with policy options

The amount of work required for a research synthesis depends on the policy question. Whenever possible, research syntheses should build on existing systematic reviews and they should use pragmatic methods to produce reports that will help policy makers to make well-informed decisions.
The EVIPNet research syntheses will build on systematic reviews and will include additional information to support decision-making in a specific context. This will include contextualisation of

  • the research evidence
  • incorporation of context-specific evidence
  • consideration of impacts on equity
  • scaling up activities
  • monitoring and evaluation

The syntheses will focus on priority policy decisions about :

  • how to improve health systems and achieve national health goals in the participating countries
  • what services and programmes to offer or cover
  • how to deliver those services; financial arrangements; governance arrangements;
  • how to bring about change.

The EVIPNet country teams are at different stages in their development, with differences in capacity and funding. Ideally and depending on available resources, each EVIPNet country team will produce at least one research synthesis per year.

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